Five dudes bound by an oath of Rock ‘n’ Roll. They roam the wastelands of standard, boring, paper dry, modern Brit pop bands, leaving them in their wake with their big hair, big anthem, hard hitting, glam rock style.

Mindlessly pouring propane onto the flame, Hansel reignites the fire of rock inside. Hair and metal are combined in a blaze of arena rock glory as the snakeskin clad Novacastrian dudes hit the stage. Like love children of the gods of rock they toy with the sound of a golden age and set it loose upon the world again. Now with a modern edge that’s as sharp as Orion’s sword Hansel return to bring hair metal back to it’s rightful place… your soul.

Hansel’s “69 minutes … with Hansel” is a culmination of the band’s sole album “Never Say Die” & their 2 hard to find EPs, “Mission To Rock” & “Fluorescent Blue Lights” that collects all the 20 roaring tracks that the band has recorded up to this point from way back when it all started back in 2008, somewhere down under.

Glowing like a beacon in the cold dark night. Hansel is just so hot rite now.

Jett Jones – Vocals
Jett Jones – Thor had his hammer – Jett has his voice. He is the front man with stage
moves that will bring you to your knees after you try one of his jumping split kicks.

Grind – Lead Guitar
Grind – Lighting has new competition. With the scream of the solo he unleashes his
rapid flow of molten metal from his guitar fret board.

Thruster Jones – Rhythm Guitar, Harmonies
Thruster Jones – Like a ninja of rock he kicks out rhythm guitar and harmonies with
precision, finesse and flair. He’s always prepared to punch out the rock.

Ezi Fingers – Bass
Ezi Fingers – His pounding bass pulses through the air. The rhythm
of rock is tangible when Ezi aims and fires as accurate as a sniper in the night.

Snake – Drums
Snake – His strike is faster than a cobra, he wields his drum sticks like lethal fangs
that will leave your pulse racing.

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