In trying to replicate our old site’s content here’s a bit of a press release about Darkology.

Darkology made quite an impression in 2009, when they released their debut album, “Altered Reflections” which received tons of praise around the globe and sold in very healthy quantities. A couple of years later, the band began composing their sophomore release. Upon the completion of the recordings, Grammy nominated producer Chris Tsangarides, handled mixing and mastering was done at AthensMastering – one of the finest mastering studios in Southern Europe.

An enthusiastic Chris exclaims : As I was mixing the album and as the songs were coming alive, I was thinking wow this is good, that is also good, this is VERY good ! (laughs) This happened about a dozen times ! It’s rather rare at this day and age, that you get an album that’s all killer and no filler and I am not using that expression lightly. “Fated To Burn” is a must have album….It’s an aural assault of all senses with plenty of melody and bombast for the most discerning Metal-heads! Get it Now !

The band is very proud to announce the release of their second album entitled “Fated To burn” between the 8th and the 15th of June 2015 (depending the territory), through Prime Eon Media and its partners worldwide, on CD and digital formats, with the streaming platforms receiving a time delayed release in most territories. Multiple special package configurations will be made exclusively available through the band’s web store and a vinyl release may follow later in the year.

The release of the album will be handled by RSK entertainment and it’s numerous high profile partners almost all of the major European territories and through Nightmare Records in the USA & Canada, in other territories, it will be available, as a direct order via Prime Eon Media.

Darkology features in it’s ranks the amazing Harris brothers.

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Michael Harris (Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Leather, Chastain) on guitars.

Brian Harris (Firewind, Solstice(US), My own Victim etc) on drums.

Kelly Sundown Carpenter ( Beyond Twilight , Outworld, Epysode and former touring vocalist for Firewind ).

Mike Neal (Medieval Steel, Salems Lot etc) on bass. Mike penned most of the lyrics and also co-wrote nearly half of the songs on this album.

The band recently concluded a highly successful tour with Overkill, Prong and Enforcer, receiving great reactions and reviews.

Several video-clips will be released closer to the release date. Stay tuned!

For Fans of : Judas Priest, Metal Church, Sanctuary, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Lethal.



01. Kill Me If You Can
02. Beyond The Grave
03. On Morrows Break
04. The Eyes Of The Machine
05. Quantum Genocide
06. The Shadows Of Oth
07. Fated To Burn
08. 21st Century Frankensteins (Nobot2)
09. Festival Of Fear
10. Holy
11. Nightmare Kingi. Shadows Of The Abyssii. The Summoningiii. The Construct
iv. Eternus Nocturne: The Dark Domain
12. Your Hollow Soul (work in progress; instrumental mix) (bonus track)

Some quotes :

Chris Tsangarides (Grammy Nominated Producer of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Darkology & Many More) : “If you were to look up the meaning of power metal in a dictionary there would be just a one word explanation…Darkology!

Ben Jackson (Crimson Glory/Avenging Benji Guitarist) : Darkology : Dark Grooves, tight riffs, fierce vocals ! A new metal force to be reckoned with !

Jack Starr : (Solo / ex Virgin Steele Guitarist) : “Fated To Burn” is a powerful and epic album that reminds me of the best Maiden and Priest albums. I love the mixing of classical and power metal elements, the great vocals and the excellent solos! Long Live Darkology”

Harry Conklin/The Tyrant/Lucifer Thisiren (Jag Panzer/Titan Force/Satan’s Host) :

Just heard the new Darkology album. THIS IS GREAT!!! I like how some solos are totally jazzy and all the weird timings in the songs. Vocals are REALLY tasty. There are so many good songs and so much good stuff going on.

Lance King (Balance Of Power, Avian, Pyramaze, Solo + many more):

“This record sets the bar on dark progressive metal releases, very high indeed”.

J.T. Longoria (Producer/ Multi-instrumentalist : Credits include King Diamond, Izzy Stradlin, Volbeat, Darkology)

“Relentless, brutal, hypnotic and masterfully crafted works that creep up the spine and invade the psyche.. It was a privilege to play and an honor to share the stage with Darkology on their fall European tour.”

3 VIDEOS have been created in support of the release.